Hey, so, heads up, not much activity on here for a while.

You know, because college is actually starting to feel like College.

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New York City street scene, 1960s.

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The fact that people would feel more comfortable getting to know me by scanning through my old, juvenile selfies on Facebook than actually get to know me in person makes me tear up.

She got da booty

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Literally my exact feelings about everything right now.  I’m not freakn joking.

I have an overwhelming desire to drop all responsibilities for today and make a happy b-day gifset for Jackie boy.

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Julie Andrews


The Chinese Obelisks, Edward Gorey’s Elephant House

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RABBIT’S MOON (1950/1979) - Kenneth Anger 

Rabbit’s Moon was filmed in Les Films du Panthéon in 1950 but was not completed until 1970 after Anger retrieved the footage from the Cinémathèque Française. A sixteen minute version of the film was released in 1971 and featured a soundtrack that included The Capris, Mary Wells, The Dells, The Flamingos and The El Dorados. There was a second shorter version released in 1979 that looped A Raincoat’s It Came In The NightThe blue filter gives the film a dreamy and magical appearance and repeats and overlaps are used to amp up the other-worldliness. Kenneth Anger’s Rabbit’s Moon is an exquisite fairytale. I prefer the original sixteen minute version but either version is a resplendent amazing experience.


Jerry Hall in Treatment for a Black Eye by Helmut Newton, Paris 1974

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French singer and actress Suzy Solidor (1900-1985) portraited by French photographer Laure Albin-Guillot (1879 - 1962).